Customized solutions for connecting devices wirelessly

Press article

From January 2022, the new Heating Cost Ordinance (HKVO) will take effect in Germany. This is intended to provide consumers with more transparency about their energy consumption, thus enabling them to save money and reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, consumption information will be available monthly instead of annually in the future. From now on, meters and heat cost allocators that are newly installed must be radio-capable and remote-readable. Existing recording devices must also be digitally retrofitted by the end of 2026. In this context, technologies are needed that support the new requirements.

These can be found, for example, at Antennentechnik Bad Blankenburg (ATTB). The company specializes in high-performance antennas and offers energy suppliers, municipalities and industry customized solutions for networking devices via radio. ATTB has played a leading role in smart metering for years. Thus, ATTB's smart meter portfolio includes switch cabinet integrated antennas as well as station and magnet antennas.

ATTB's products have already been installed in large numbers in private households and companies and are thus tried and tested in practice. "With our many years of experience for particularly demanding solutions, we are a competent partner for the implementation of the new regulation in the energy sector," says Tobias Schneider, expert for the Smart Energy sector at ATTB. "As with other topics, we will work very intensively and in partnership with utilities, metering point operators, manufacturers of smart metering systems and specialized distributors on this."