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Smart Drive

Our solutions enable 360° detection of pedestrians and obstacles in the vehicle environment. To this end we use a variety of sensors including vision, millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic sensors, and LIDAR. Beyond the visual perception our V2X solutions provide information on real-time traffic, roads and pedestrians. All collected information is being processed to build the basis for decision-making, vehicle control and telematics services.

To ensure accurate positioning information in real time in complex environments, we use technologies such as GNSS, RTK, vision and dead reckoning. In combination with high-resolution maps, this enables among other things to keep the lane safely at all times.


Our solutions enable intelligent route planning and automatic route adjustments based on real-time traffic information.

Our active driver assistance systems enable safe and environmentally friendly driving at all times. They support the driver in normal road traffic when holding the lane, changing lanes and checking distances, as well as in critical traffic situations. They thus form the basis for autonomous driving.