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The site awakens imagination

Press article

One can only admire the speed of the Legefeld antenna and vehicle electronics manufacturers. Since moving to Weimar, they have grown from 90 to about 145 employees and are now aiming for another 50, including the new location.

The opening showed that the process is taking place step by step after all. In view of the immense area of 2700 square meters, the assembly unit with the first 15 employees did not seem opulent. However, the size of the hall and the knowledge of possibilities in the direct neighborhood awaken imagination as to how the location could develop in the future.

The mayor was not the only one to acknowledge that the Weimar subsidiary of a Chinese corporation has so far kept all its announcements.

With the development center in Legefeld, significant innovation impulses are to come from Weimar in the future. Driver assistance systems and even autonomous driving will thus also become topics for the Weimar European headquarters of Desay SV Automotive.

Thus, economic hope is moving into the former Coca-Cola location. Already, says Christian Schwartze, the city's economic development officer, more people work there than at the soda giant.