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Desay SV Europe opens optical test laboratory in Weimar

Desay SV Europe News

Desay SV Europe has opened a new test laboratory for the optical measurement of displays and backlit display and control elements at its European headquarters in Weimar-Legefeld. The measurements are part of the product development process for European automotive customers. The extent to which the A, B and C samples developed in the run-up to series production meet the specifications is checked. After the visual inspection, the test specimens are optically measured and values such as luminance, color representation, resolution, contrast and homogeneity are determined.

High-precision measurements in accordance with recognized European standards

Over the past two years, Desay SV Europe has won numerous nominations from European car manufacturers for the development, production and supply of displays and backlit display and control elements. With the new laboratory, customers benefit not only from high-precision measurements in accordance with recognized European standards, but also from short response times.

The latest generation of measuring equipment

The laboratory is equipped with the latest generation of measuring equipment. This includes a high-resolution luminance and color measurement camera from the Thuringian company TechnoTeam (LMK 6-12 color) and a robot-controlled positioning system from the Japanese company Denso (VS-087). In combination, the two systems enable reproducible, automated measurement sequences. LabSoft is used as the image acquisition and evaluation program. The software offers a wide range of functions for various photometric and colorimetric applications.

Specialist team to be expanded

The 28 square meter test laboratory consists of two rooms: a measuring room, which can be completely darkened, and a control and evaluation room. The laboratory is currently operated by three specially trained Desay SV Europe engineers. The so-called Optical Team will be further expanded over the next few years. In the future, up to 10 development specialists will work in the team (for measurement as well as technical specification and application management).