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Milestones every year

Press article

Desay SV's European headquarters have been in Weimar-Legefeld since 2020. With reliable antenna technology and sophisticated vehicle electronics that make driving safer, more comfortable and more efficient, the technology specialist is on a rapid growth path. Its customers include the automotive sector as well as energy and industrial companies. With its core competencies, the company enables the reliable networking and electronic equipment of vehicles as well as radio-based applications in the fields of smart meters and Industry 4.0, thus operating in dynamic growth markets. To serve these professionally, the technology specialist from Weimar is investing heavily and setting milestones every year.

From Bad Blankenburg to Weimar

In 2019, the Chinese group Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Co. Ltd. took over the then Antennentechnik Bad Blankenburg GmbH, which had already moved to Weimar in 2017. In 2020, the parent company merged all European activities to form Desay SV Automotive Europe GmbH, headquartered in the classical city. In September 2021, R&D activities were expanded to include a center for prototype vehicles. At the center, engineers and software specialists develop and test antenna, driver assistance and infotainment solutions for European car and commercial vehicle manufacturers. In February 2022, in addition to antenna production in Weimar-Legefeld, a second production facility was opened at Schwanseestraße 143 in the former Coca-Cola plant. Here, on an area of 2,700 square meters, mainly infotainment products such as radios are final assembled, tested and stored and held ready for delivery to car manufacturers throughout Europe.

Localization of supply

"By establishing and expanding final manufacturing processes in Weimar, we are responding to the request of many customers who want to localize supply close to their plants in Europe to ensure stable and sustainable supply chains," says Dr. Michael Weber, Managing Director of Desay SV Automotive Europe GmbH. The growth and expansion strategy is paying off: The company has won 14 projects from well-known vehicle manufacturers in the past year and a half. "We bear full responsibility for the on-time development, production and delivery of customer-specific products throughout Europe," explains the managing director.

Staff to be increased substantially

For its current and future tasks, Desay SV Europe needs one thing above all: personnel. The workforce in Weimar has already grown by more than 100 to 180 employees. New positions are being created primarily in the areas of development, project management, sales, quality, manufacturing and logistics. "We welcome every application, as we will grow to over 400 employees in the medium term. With us, there are attractive tasks and challenges, convenient transport links to the A4, a good wage and salary level, and a high quality of life, which Weimar offers as a European city of culture," says Dr. Weber.

Integrated technology campus

By cooperating with universities and strategic partner companies in the region, the technology specialist is expanding its know-how and solution expertise. For example, with Wiegand GmbH and Ilmenau Technical University, Desay SV Europe has developed an innovative, ultra-flat and highly efficient vehicle antenna as part of the SISYVOS project that fits into the tightest of installation spaces. Another milestone is already in the planning stage: the construction of a state-of-the-art 3D antenna measurement chamber. It is scheduled to go into operation in 2025. "Then we will have an integrated technology campus for research, development, production and sales," Dr. Weber is pleased to say. "With innovative antenna technology and sophisticated infotainment and driver assistance solutions, we are shaping the future of mobility from Weimar."