A future location in Weimar

Press article

Desay SV Automotive Europe officially opened its new production and logistics center in Weimar on Monday. It is the company's second location in the city, in addition to its antenna production and new development center for prototype vehicles in Legefeld.

In a 2700 square meter former Coca-Cola hall on Schwanseestraße, electronic components for vehicle interiors are assembled, tested, stored and delivered. The first of what will be up to six production lines manufactures car radios for a well-known European car manufacturer.

In August, the decision was made to relocate the site from Hungary to Weimar. The move was completed within five days at the beginning of January. Series production started in mid-January and has since been confirmed by the customer. The German supplier of shelving systems was unable to keep up with this pace: Its delivery is expected at the end of March.

"We are proud to add new electronics solutions to the good old antenna," said Managing Director Michael Weber. In addition to radios, displays and other infotainment solutions from the Chinese parent company will be produced at Schwanseestraße in the future for installation in new vehicle models. In the past 14 months, he said, the company has been able to tie up one substantial order per month.

The company started production at the new site with 15 employees. In the medium term, their number is expected to grow to 40. The site manager is Lucas Seel. The 26-year-old studied at the Technical University of Ilmenau and gained professional experience in the packaging industry. He sees the site development of Desay SV Automotive Weimar as both a great opportunity and a responsibility.
After all, the company wants to triple its sales by 2025 and is targeting a three-digit million turnover.

Weimar's mayor Peter Kleine welcomed the investments, which will bring added value to Weimar and at the same time create new jobs with a secure future. For this reason, he said, the city council had also set the course for an expansion of the company at the Legefeld site, which now still has to be confirmed by a notary. Among other things, a state-of-the-art 3D antenna measurement chamber is to be created on the site (we reported).

The company had moved to Weimar-Legefeld in 2017 as Antennentechnik Bad Blankenburg with around 90 employees in a rental factory owned by LEG. In 2019, it was acquired by the Chinese group Desay SV Automotive. It is now the European headquarters of the Chinese and specializes in antenna and automotive electronics solutions.