Starting signal for antenna measurement chamber


Antenna and electronics specialist Desay SV Europe is building a 3D antenna measurement chamber in Weimar-Legefeld. The first construction phase is due to be completed by August 2025.

The ground-breaking ceremony at antenna and electronics specialist Desay SV Europe marked the start of a new construction project in Weimar-Legefeld, Thuringia. A 3-D antenna measurement chamber for vehicles of various classes and a three-storey office building are being built on a plot of land measuring almost 10,000 square meters in the immediate vicinity of the company's European headquarters. The first construction phase is scheduled for completion by August 2025. The technology campus also offers space for two further office complexes.

"In the first construction phase, we are investing over 25 million euros at our European headquarters in Weimar-Legefeld, creating jobs for 110 employees," explained Michael Weber, Managing Director of Desay SV Europe. "In the final expansion phase, around 350 highly qualified employees will be working on the new campus. This is our largest investment in Germany to date. It will strengthen our project and technology expertise in complex vehicle networking," Weber continued.

Interference-free measurements

"The 3D antenna measurement chamber will enable electromagnetically shielded vehicle measurements," says Marcus Och, Head of Development at Desay SV Europe. Future vehicles with a high antenna and electronics density will have to ensure secure, stable connections, high data transfer rates, low latency times and maximum positioning accuracy. "In such complex scenarios with potential interactions, measuring individual sub-functions is no longer sufficient. It is therefore crucial to measure the performance of the overall system in a shielded, reproducible and reflection-free environment," explained Och.

Desay SV Europe, which has been part of the Chinese company Desay SV since March 2019, has already made several investments in Germany over the past two years. Among other things, the company opened a second production site for infotainment solutions in Weimar, acquired Antenna Technology Center (Europe) ATC in Itzehoe and inaugurated an optical test laboratory in Weimar.